Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Sukses Dengan Internet

You should have noticed by now that AffiliateBOT is going through a thorough re-vamping of our website. Soon, we'll be revamping the control panel area as well as introduce more affiliate tools and ways for you to make money.
New Look and Community Feel We are bringing the community back to our site and introducing several new features:
Blogs You can now blog about anything, not just affiliate marketing. We'll be introducing Adsense rev share on your blogs. So, start blogging and make some more cash.

Your Public Profile You now have your own public profile page at http://members.affiliatebot.com/636912/ (you can customize this to http://members.affiliatebot.com/Your-Name-Whatever/). You can use your public profile to promote your websites, blogs, and network with other members (coming soon). So, if you haven't done so, please update your public profile now.
A lot of new things are coming your way at AffiliateBOT. Watch out for it over the next few months.

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